Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.


Going to the Top! Episode 6 of Novella Showcase Online

On this week’s episode of Novella Showcase Online, Going to The Top appears. Synopsis:

A sharp, corporate panther is on his way to the top of his domain, when a very important elevator ride is intruded upon by an aimless ruffian. A situation that hangs poised to bring them both down.

Created and directed by Cassidy “Cass” Bisher we thought we would offer you Cass’ submitted bio. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Cassidy “Cass” Bisher started DropDrop Studios in 2007 as a VFX Shop that garnered an international audience. He expanded into a full-fledged Marketing & Video Production squad, investing in game-changing visual technology, building his production house, and acquiring his team of creatives. As a result, DropDrop Studios has worked with high-profile clients such as Verizon, AT&T, CAT, with media being showcased on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and other networks.

Storytelling is Cassidy’s first love. His commercial and corporate voice is uniquely served by his passion for narrative filmmaking. Cassidy continues to direct and help produce a growing portfolio of short and feature films.
Director’s Statement

There are so many ways to interpret reality, but discovering the right path to serve the story is most critical. It has to have the power to inspire an entire creative team to innovate and touch the souls of many. Good stories beg to be told.

If you have not yet seen this episode, here is the link:


Novella Showcase Online, Episode 6

Creepy! Weird ! Bizarre! Unsettling! These are all adjectives to describe the offerings in this week’s episode of Novella Showcase Online. Opening with a short which explores student nightmares, Episode 6 evolves as naked dancers emerge in what appears like embryonic fluid; a business man takes an elevator ride he will not forget and a youngster’s favorite television host appears and gets rid of a babysitter. This is episode will send cold shivers through you and make you want to check what may be hiding beneath your bed before you go to sleep. This episode includes: Nightmares (Robert Lyons/Director, experimental, 4:02) Drool (Jeremiah Kipp/Director, experimental, 4:00) Going to the Top! (Cassidy “Cass” Bisher/Director, Michigan made short, 10:47) Timothy (Marc Martínez Jordán/Director, horror, 9:35)

Regarding tonight’s offering on Battle Creek’s Access Vision, Comcast Channel 16 and Lansing’s Comcast 16: Once Again

Once Again

“Story inspired from teaching of Buddha”.

Raj Malhotra, a self centered company executive, takes life for granted and uses situations and people around him to his advantage. But life takes an unexpected turn, forcing him to accept the reality and this paves the way to a journey of transformation.

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Tune-in tonight to a new season of Novella Showcase

Tune in tomorrow night, Friday, January 30, 2015 at 11:00 PM to Battle Creek’s Access Vision, Comcast Channel 16, or Lansing’s Comcast Channel 16 and watch these great short films on Novella Showcase. .

Nesus-6 Party Doll (Sebastian Lopez, music video)
Lo Estipulado – The Norm ( K. Prada & J. Prada (Prada Brothers), Short Film)
Once Again (Sanjay Arora, short film)

Get Your Short Films on TV

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to get your work out onto the airwaves, this is it. Your short film can now be seen on three public access stations’ Our weekly short-film showcase Novella has just been picked up for our third season by Battle Creek’s Access Vision, Comcast Channel 16. It airs on Fridays at 11:00 PM. On Lansing, Michigan’s Comcast Channel 16 Novella also appears on Fridays at 11:00PM And yet a third station. We were informed this afternoon, January 23, 2015 that Novella have been picked up by HOMTV and CAMTV both of which are available on Comcast Channel 21 in Haslett, Okemos, and East Lansing. CAMTV is also seen on AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 in 17 communities. We will air between 9:30-10:30 PM Tuesdays through Thursdays. Airing on our local public access television stations, Novella is seen by a sizable Michigan audience and we are working on widening the number of stations which carry it. By submitting once, your films will now be aired on three television stations completely unedited exactly as you submit them to us. Get your films on TV. If you have a narrative short–regardless of genre– or animated short, a music video, or experimental film, we’d love to see it.

We have been contacted by a fourth station interested in adding us to their play list. We will have more information shortly.

Q: How do I submit my short film for your consideration?

A: There are several ways in which you can submit your Michigan films to us. Firstly: We accept only youtube or downloadable vimeo links. You need not send us DVDs, which saves you money on DVDs, postage, a run to the post office on a wintry day, etc. Send your youtube or downloadable links to us by messaging us above. Or email us at Or send it via where you can incidentally find much more information regarding our opportunity. There is no cost to Michigan filmmakers. This opportunity is FREE! Can you beat that?

Something weird is happening tonight on Novella–tune-in and find out what

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web. Watch Novella on Battle Creek’s Comcast Channel 16 at 11:00 PM.

Tune-in tonight as we get a little weird with some of our favorites and some new ones. Our offerings:
Bugs & Slugs (Paul Whittington, 2:03 minutes) A short film showcasing macro photography of small critters including insects, worms, and slugI Am Raymond (Paul Whittington, 3:56 minutes) A very interesting fellow named Raymond.
Visions (Gene Blalock, Seraph Films LLC, 15:02) Dhort horror/demon possession/psychological thriller film
Deus Irae (Guillote Gati, Nerdhaus/Rabid EFX, 13:33 minutes) An exorcism
Katharsis–Beksinski Art Movie (Artur Filipowicz Art, 9:16 minutes) Based on the art by Zdzisław Beksiński, Katharsis is a tribute to the great polish artist.
Voices (Joe Pisciotta, MSFilms, 8:14 minutes) Alone in the house willed to her by her father, his estate should take care of Nicole for the rest of her life. But there is greed. There are secrets.
AgnesMusic video
Funny Ice Cream Man in Turkey(Tural Şıxlı, 1:14 minutes) Cool ice cream vendor in Turkey – Funny!

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web.  Watch Novella on Battle Creek’s Comcast Channel 16 at 11:00 PM. 

Tonight’s show, Episode 36 takes a sci-fi twist.  Our offerings:

Mechanical Creep,  (By Darren Wallace, Matthew Parsons and Rebecca Knight, ) A 2nd year student film made by students of the JMC Academy, South Melbourne, Australia.  Mechanical Creep won Best Animation & Best Sound design at the 2012 Martini Awards. 

Changing Batteries  (Director, Cassandra NG, Producer: Um Shu Gi, 5:33 minutes) An engaging animated story about an old woman that lives alone with a robot. From MMU, Malaysia, this is perhaps one of the saddest stories you will see on Novella.  Be prepared with the tissues.

Memorize (Written & Directed by Eric Ramberg and Jimmy Eriksson, 7:11 minutes)   In 2027, everyone is implanted with a chip – the Memorize-chip. It records everything you see, a new system to fight crime. One unit controls the system. The SSU – Special Surveillance Unit. An amazing futuristic short film .

Terminus (Directed by Trevor Cawood, Spy Films, 8:22 minutes) A man in a subway is confronted by a stone cylindrical creature which he cannot escape and finds that every one in the waking world is accompanied by their own such creature. 

R’ha (By Kaleb Lechowski, 10:04 minutes) A member of an alien team is being interrogated and tortured. 

Seed (By Tyson Wade Johnson, Free Bandit Productions, 13:41 minutes) “Set in the year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a planet named Gaia, one astronaut takes on an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors that could bring an end to human life on this planet”.

Novella has been picked up by Lansing, Comcast Channel 16.   It will air on Friday nights at 11:00 PM Stay tuned for more information. 


Tune in and Watch Novella Tonight–it’s what they will talking about around the water cooler Monday

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web.

Tune into Comcast Channel 16, Battle Creek, Michigan Friday night at 11:00 PM (ET) for the very best in independent narrative film from throughout the world

Our offerings tonight for your consideration.

Episode 36
Madress (mother)
The Hunter
Rastgale Orsa
Something to Believe In

Breaking news: We have found another Television station on which Novella will air. We leaked this several weeks ago, but since have finally ironed out some bugs in our formatting. It seems that Battle Creek and Lansing could not accept the same formats. Battle Creek Access Vision requested that we provide them with our films burnt to DVD. Lansing, on the other hand, could not open the films so formatted. We found an answer and we are excited to announce that we will shortly be on Lansing’s Comcast Channel 16 on Friday nights. Stay tuned for more information.

Novella Showcase is on tonight, August 1

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web.

Tune into Comcast Channel 16, Battle Creek, Michigan Friday night at 11:00 PM (ET) for the very best in independent narrative film from throughout the world

Our offerings tonight for your consideration.

Death Will Be My Bride (by Tunç Gençer, 2:04 minutes) Experimental piece.

Lo Estapulade-The Norm (Directed by K. Prada (Francisco González Prada} & J. Prada (Prada Brothers), 7:41 minutes) Short film.

K. Prada (Francisco González Prada}

J. Prada is a director and writer, known for Anorexia (2010), Estación de carretera (2009) and Mamá (2012).

Sherome (Director: Michael G. Petersen<a href=”″>DarkFortressPictures, 12:08 minutes) “Have you ever wondered where strength and motivation comes from? Do you ever wonder if there are spiritual guardians? Are they a source of mental healing or a harvester of damnation? Sandra Rosko plays your everyday working class girl, who suffers three life altering events that summons the mysterious realm of Sherome.”

When her job and relationship falls through, all that’s left are vision’s of her unborn child. (Kristen Tardiss) She struggles to keep her sprit alive by keeping active with everyday events, and thinking about the new light that is about to enter her life. But when she miscarries, she spirals into catatonic depression. As her life candle begins to fade, a mysterious specter comes forth. (Matt Murphy) Aided by spirt guardian (Renee Slater), together they guide her soul through the realm of Sherome. Here she finds visions of inspiration, hope and new life that repairs the shattered remains.

Unknown (Director: Akhilesh Tripathi, I Love Only Production, 12:00 minutes) A story about Alex, a computer cracker/hacker who accidentally time travels. After receiving an unknown mail(letter) and unknown call, Alex ends up with something unbelievable – his own clone. Alex decides to kill himself again. (Murder loop).

<strong>Tess (by Jerry Kokich) A short silent film by Jerry Kokich. Shot on location in Redondo Beach, California, on the Sony A57, edited with iMovie. This is the first part of a “Silent Trilogy”

Wings (Madrid Street Films)

Waiting for Eva (by Saara Lamberg, 7:27 minutes) Waiting for Eva tells a surreal story of a waitor who can’t get his ex girlfriend out of his mind.

Tune-In tonight, July 25 as Novella Showcase enters its third season

Tune-in tonight to catch Novella and the best storytelling on the web. Tonight marks the beginning of our third season.

Tune into Comcast Channel 16, Battle Creek, Michigan Friday night at 11:00 PM (ET) for the very best in independent narrative film from throughout the world.

Tonight’s offering, Episode 33 :
Zombie In Our Garage (Written/Directed:Andrew Gooi, One Popcorn Please, 6:11) It’s just another day in the life of Paul & Mandy…or is it?
Involved (edit 071014) (Written & directed by Joe Pisciotta) You’re sitting there minding your own business one day, when all of a sudden…. there is that moment…. that split second when you think… do I really want to listen to what they’re going to say, or do I politely blow them off? Do I just worry about me? Or do I get involved?
Paradox: Award Winning Short Film (Written and directed byJeremy Haccoun, 10:23) A man finds himself at the bottom of a well, then realizes he is not alone.
The Caller (Written and directed by Yogesh Sharma, 16:22) Some one is calling Karan. Who is he? Does Karan know him? Why is he calling him? Will he call again?
Hybrids (Written by Patrick Kalyn,7:50) In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier loses her daughter in alien attack.