Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.

Going to the Top! Episode 6 of Novella Showcase Online

On this week’s episode of Novella Showcase Online, Going to The Top appears. Synopsis:

A sharp, corporate panther is on his way to the top of his domain, when a very important elevator ride is intruded upon by an aimless ruffian. A situation that hangs poised to bring them both down.

Created and directed by Cassidy “Cass” Bisher we thought we would offer you Cass’ submitted bio. He is from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Cassidy “Cass” Bisher started DropDrop Studios in 2007 as a VFX Shop that garnered an international audience. He expanded into a full-fledged Marketing & Video Production squad, investing in game-changing visual technology, building his production house, and acquiring his team of creatives. As a result, DropDrop Studios has worked with high-profile clients such as Verizon, AT&T, CAT, with media being showcased on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and other networks.

Storytelling is Cassidy’s first love. His commercial and corporate voice is uniquely served by his passion for narrative filmmaking. Cassidy continues to direct and help produce a growing portfolio of short and feature films.
Director’s Statement

There are so many ways to interpret reality, but discovering the right path to serve the story is most critical. It has to have the power to inspire an entire creative team to innovate and touch the souls of many. Good stories beg to be told.

If you have not yet seen this episode, here is the link:


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