Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.

Novella Showcase Online, Episode 6

Creepy! Weird ! Bizarre! Unsettling! These are all adjectives to describe the offerings in this week’s episode of Novella Showcase Online. Opening with a short which explores student nightmares, Episode 6 evolves as naked dancers emerge in what appears like embryonic fluid; a business man takes an elevator ride he will not forget and a youngster’s favorite television host appears and gets rid of a babysitter. This is episode will send cold shivers through you and make you want to check what may be hiding beneath your bed before you go to sleep. This episode includes: Nightmares (Robert Lyons/Director, experimental, 4:02) Drool (Jeremiah Kipp/Director, experimental, 4:00) Going to the Top! (Cassidy “Cass” Bisher/Director, Michigan made short, 10:47) Timothy (Marc Martínez Jordán/Director, horror, 9:35)


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