Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.

Tune-in tonight, May 16, to Novella Showcase, Catch the Best in Storytelling

Tune into Comcast Channel 16, Battle Creek, Michigan Friday night at midnight (ET) for the very best in independent narrative film from throughout the world.

Tonight’s offerings.

Morning Star, a music video

The Madness of Reality, Binding Light Pictures (2005), The story of Ted… a pathetic, lost, friendless and all around whipping boy for the universe. Ted must face a daily barrage of horrible teachers, bullies, and a never ending quest for love.

The Old Man and the Lion, Justin Leyba (2012), An aging father reunites with his troubled son only to find out a promise made broken.

WINNER: Audience Choice Short Film Award: ProFire Short Film Festival (Scotland)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Santa Monica Teen Film Festival (California)
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Auburn International Film Festival For Children and Young Adults (Australia)

Finding Johnny, Justin Leyba (2013), We all live for that one special person. But what happens when that person’s suddenly gone?
A story of an old man wandering around a park, looking for his son.

Winner of the TRP Month of Independence Short Film Contest.


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