Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.

Money 1955: The Emmett Till Murder Trial – trailer by Rob Underhill

SYNOPSIS:One actor, MIKE WILEY performs all 20 roles in MONEY 1955, reenacting in striking historic detail the pivotal moments and players of the Emmett Till murder trial. The film is crafted from court transcripts and adapted from Mike Wiley’s critically acclaimed one-man play, Dar He: The Story of Emmett Till.

In MONEY 1955, international press descend on a remote Tallahatchie County, Mississippi courthouse and draw the world’s attention to the murder trial of two white men accused of the horrific lynching of a 14-year old black boy from Chicago named Emmett Till.

The prosecutor’s key witness is the boy’s uncle, Mose Wright: he answered the knock the night men had abducted Emmett. But to finger them publicly in an all-white Mississippi courtroom was suicide; Mose must decide to remain silent or make the ultimate sacrifice…

MONEY 1955 is brought to you by the Emmy and Telly winning North Carolina film producers: director ROB UNDERHILL and Cinematographer ARAVIND RAGUPATHI, makers of the film DAR HE: The Lynching of Emmett Till (*4.5/5 Stars* – FILM THREAT; 10 Best Film Awards) and the films Wolf Call (13 Best Film Awards) and Empty Space (8 film festival awards). Wolf Call was also nominated for a 2012 Black Reel Award for Outstanding Short Film and in 2013 picked up by both the Aspire network and national TV show, African American Short Films. The Sound Designer is Emmy-winning STEWART NELSEN, designer of such powerful contemporary films as Pulp Fiction and Ronin.

WORLD PREMIERE hosted by the 12th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival, October 12, 2013, where MONEY 1955 won *BEST Socially-Conscious SHORT FILM* and *AUDIENCE CHOICE*.


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