Storytelling is a gift. To bring a story to life on film requires real genius.

About Binding Light Pictures

James, Michael and Omar met in the fall of 2004 at East Hollywood High, a film oriented charter school in West Valley City, Utah. They developed a lasting friendship, and over the years worked on many projects together.

The three originally had separate brands for their films, which were “Mt Bohemian Films” (Michael Christensen) “Triblade Pictures” (James Morris) and OC Productions (Omar Villalba) But in 2011, they joined forces to start “Binding Light Pictures”. The company was formed as a first step for the production of their award winning film “The Astrological Whipping Boy” Which launched them onto the festival scene and paved the way for many lasting partnerships and future projects. As of today, they are all still working together on several upcoming films.

Binding Light Pictures has been supported by countless local entities in the Utah film circuit, but also received support from mainstream figures in Hollywood, including David Howard (Writer of Galaxy Quest)


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